Welcome to the home site of Pumit ry

Pumit ry is a Finnish pumi club established on 25th of May 2006. 
In 2023 we had 257 members in Finland and around the world.

The purpose and goal of the association Pumit ry is to

  • maintain and improve the breeding of pumis
  • make the breed well known in Finland
  • maintain the characteristic temperament, conformation and appearance of pumis
  • maintain the good working quality of pumis
  • support long and healthy life of pumis

The president of Pumit ry is Hanna-Leena Pasanen and contact email is pumit.ry(a)gmail.com.

If you would like to become a member of Pumit ry please email us or use the form on the left side of this page.

Membership fees for 2024:

  • Member 20 €
  • Family member (no magazine) 10 €
  • Puppy member entered by a breeder 10 €
  • Foreign member 20 € 
  • Foreign puppy member 10 €

We will send the PUMIT magazine also to our foreign members.

Account number for Pumit ry:

IBAN FI88 1432 3000 2220 67


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